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Cypress Hills is a vibrant, buoyant, and robust neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Cypress Hills his conveniently and strategically placed at the border between Brooklyn and Queens. The town is part of New York’s 75th Precinct. The majestic locale reaches Bushwick on the east side and the Ozone Park and Queen’s Woodhaven neighborhoods. The region has a vast mix of history and culture that demonstrate and define the very existence of the lovely and prestigious town.


A row of remarkable and impressive historic houses in the town is in an area known as the nabe, an area occupying less than a square mile. The Cypress Hills Cemetery is located on the northern border of the city, crisscrossing into Queens.

The History

The affluent enclave that is Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, is tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of the fast life in the city, providing a mixture of exotic country life, with a touch of urbanization, evident from the thriving developmental projects in the area. The population in the town is of polyglot makeup, mostly of immigrants from various parts of the worlds. The population is made up of Caribbean, Latino, South Asian and African-American races that live harmoniously as a community.

The section had numerous cypress trees in its formative years; the name cypress was incorporated into a cemetery that was in the locale.

Cypress Hills’ founders carved the neighborhood from one of the earlier towns in Brooklyn known as New Lots. Initially, a famous Union Coarse Hoarse racing track was along Queen’s Woodhaven; the area was known as Union Place, before its eventual absorption into New Lots.

The graveyard was amongst the very first nondenominational and non-sectarian that existed in the outer boroughs in the 19th century. In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln established the burial grounds as a national cemetery in 1862. The graveyard is the only one of its kind in New York. The neighborhood of Cypress Hills gets its name from the cemetery.

Trommer’s Evergreen Brewery is also part of the rich history of Cypress Hills. A reputable, prestigious and magnificent company of its time, Trommer’s Evergreen was on Bushwick’s and Cypress Hills’ borders. The beer maker is largely renowned for its all-malt beer. The brewery closed its doors in the 1960s.

Amenities and Recreational Facilities

Cypress Hills is served by both public and private facilities, providing the necessary services and assistance to the general population. Both public and private schools educate the neighborhood’s children. The area also has a youth community center, art galleries, among other social amenities. There are numerous restaurants and hotels, service stores and shops, many located on the town’s commercial strip, Fulton Street.

The real estate industry in the town is also thriving, providing affordable, accessible, and convenient housing facilities for both residents and those looking to move to the city.

Highland Park is the town’s fantastic asset and brings together families and friends. The park offers sporting facilities for sports like basketball, handball, and tennis. The bird’s sanctuary is an attractive feature of the park, as are the nature trails in and around the park.

Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, continues to grow, attracting many people annually, to either invest or relocate to the area. The friendly community, affordable housing, low crime rates, and availability of social amenities makes it one of the most attractive towns in New York.

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