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The process is simple. Give us a call. One of our representatives will tell you how much we can pay you for your vehicle. We schedule a time to pick up your vehicle within a little as an hour’s time. The driver will call you once he is on his way. Upon arrival, you will be paid cash on the spot, and the car will be removed from your location and worry list forever.

Elmont is a bustling, thriving, and beautiful unincorporated community which also doubles up as a Census-designated place (CPD). Elmont is in northwestern Hempstead, Nassau County, in New York. The suburban Elmont borders the borough of Queens in New York City. Strategically located on Long Island, Elmont is renown as a suburban bedroom community, meaning it is a commuter town hosting resident who works elsewhere but lives within the region.

Elmont and its surrounding, including the Long Island, has a rich, vibrant and exciting history, according to a report found at Garvies Point Museum.

According to the information provided for at the Elmont, New York Wikipedia page, the total population of the area as of 2010 census is 33,198 people. Elmont’s landscape covers mainly land, with the approximate area covering a total of 8.8 square kilometers. The 2010 census also shows a steady rise in Household Income, a clear indicator of a surge in affluence in Elmont.


Elmont has several public and private facilities providing service to the population. The most remarkable and outstanding facility is education, the key of which is the renowned Elmont Memorial High School, a Blue-Ribbon School of Excellence.

Access to Elmont is quite convenient, with the area close to John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Sand Point Seaplane Base.

Elmont is easily accessible by the numerous commuter services to the area.


Elmont is renown and acclaimed because of Belmont Park, which hosts Belmont Stakes. Belmont Stakes Racing Festival is the most popular event in Elmont, a must-see summer festivity. Information at showcases Elmont as a vibrant region that has had embrace horse racing as part of its culture. Belmont Park is famous for its horse racing activities which bring together the community and attracts thousands of visitors to the region.

Elmont is a lively, beautiful and thrilling suburban renown for its horse racing activities at Belmont Park.

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New York Senate OK’s Bill For “Textalyzer” To Fight Distracted Drivers


You can probably imagine what it is based on the title. No, it’s not a joke: a texting breathalyzer. With more and more people getting into fatal car accidents every day, it’s no surprise that something along these lines would arise in an attempt to vanquish the epidemic.

Ben Lieberman’s son was killed in a fatal collision in 2011. His 19-year-old son, Evan, was the victim of a distracted driver; another fatality of the many caused by this escalation. Lieberman fought a six month long battle in court under a lawsuit against the driver that killed his son. After all was said and done, the cause was finally brought to light. He doesn’t believe it should take such a struggle to learn that a careless driver was to cause; not an accident.

Lieberman is working with an Israeli tech company, Cellebrite, to develop this app we’ve all come to know as Textalyzer. There’s a massive move on legislation to make Textalyzer a required means for those behind the wheel, and New York is taking it head-on.

Many believe it’s an infringement on privacy. Police would need to get consent from the driver in order to access their phone and the Textalyzer app. Concerns about this arise from privacy advocates, stating that alongside the drivers’ right to privacy, their personal information could also be accessed from such an app.

When you look at the startling statistics, the desire for such an app to control the increasing number of driving-related fatalities isn’t unexpected. Over 40,000 fatalities due to road-related accidents occurred in 2016, a leap from the 2014 data on the same topic. It’s increasing every year.

Textalyzer will be able to report the last known swipe or click time for the users smartphone. While it doesn’t reveal any personal information such as who the driver may have been texting, or what those message contain, it does give police the means to gain a warrant to then access the messages of this drivers’ phone; this process, when gone through the motions of court, can usually take months. Textalyzer would change that.

Under the bill being considered by New York, the driver would have their license suspended for not electively turning over their phones to the police in order to read Textalyzer statistics after an incident. It’s one more leap forward for all types of legislation, which are rapidly catching up with technology.

While many states already possess laws and regulations aimed at combating texting while driving, Textalyzer would potentially evoke enough fear from the driver that they would truly leave their phone alone for the duration of their commute. While the New York Civil Liberties Union proposed the law, it isn’t being done so without backlash. This New York bill would set the stage for the rest of the country to adopt Texrtalyzer; could this be the curb to this growing epidemic we’ve all been waiting for?

When is it cheaper to get rid of your car then to keep fixing it?

Time to get rid of a car
For consumers that own older cars, there will one day be the inevitable question as to whether or not to fix the vehicle when it breaks down or buy a new one. As a car gets older, it will break down more often than when it was newer. Routine maintenance costs will continue to increase as the vehicle’s value depreciates. Eventually, you will need to decide on the pros and cons of continuing to fix the car, or simply selling it or trading it in and buying a new one. Below are several reasons why it might be a good idea to move on from the vehicle and invest in a new car.


Is your vehicle always breaking down or having issues? Do you feel you are rolling the dice every time you try to start the engine? Having reliable transportation is priceless and when that reliability fades it begins to force one into thinking about buying something new. If you are having trouble picking up your kids, going to work, and meeting your obligations, you may have to upgrade your vehicle regardless of the repair costs associated with it. Getting from point A to point B consistently without any issues should be the norm, not a fluke.

Repairs cost more than actual vehicle value

This is a common occurrence with older used vehicles. The car breaks down or needs maintenance and you are told by the mechanic that it’s going to cost several thousand dollars to fix when your vehicle isn’t even worth that much. What do you do?

Seriously consider looking for another vehicle. Use the money that you would have spent on repairs could as a down payment towards something else; newer, nicer, and more reliable.


Does your old used car have steering issues, shock issues, or leak any fluids? Do you smell burning oil when you drive it? Eventually, a vehicle gets to a point where it’s no longer safe to drive if you haven’t properly taken care of it. You will have to decide if continuing to drive the car is worth it; especially if you were to get into an accident. If you are a mother or father with kids, keeping them safe is a top priority, and you are going to want a vehicle that’s going to protect them.

Have you simply had enough?

Maybe your car hasn’t broken down, but little things keep going wrong with it. Eventually one day your power windows and mirrors stop working and you’ve decided you had enough! If this is the case, it may be time to look for a new vehicle. Drawing a line in the sand and saying “no more” is an incredibly motivating thing and sometimes all it takes to push someone to take action when it comes to replacing their vehicle.

If you are going to be paying for your car, whether by paying for its repair or by making car payments, wouldn’t it make sense to at least pay for something that is reliable and that you enjoy driving? Keep this thought in the back of your mind before you fork over thousands of dollars to fix a vehicle that you should replace.

If you’re in a situation where keeping a car is costing you more than getting rid of it, feel free to contact us to sell or junk it. We’ll have the headache removed promptly.

Toyota Corolla Turned 50 on Saturday

1966 Toyota Corolla

As of November 5th, 2016, the Toyota Corolla has been in production 50 years. The vehicle has been a huge success for Toyota motor corp. and is still being produced to this day. To date, over 44 million Corolla’s have been sold world-wide. Originally the car was marketed and sold as a vehicle for the masses, a car for everyone, and it seems Toyota has achieved exactly that.

In the 1950’s Japan’s economy was recovering from World War II and it was Toyota’s goal to create a car that the average family could afford. Originally the vehicle Toyota came out with was the “Publica” which did not do very well. From there, Toyota developed the first generation Corolla which went on sale in 1966. The car became a huge success and went on to survive for 10 generations. In 2016 the Toyota Corolla is considered the number 2 best-selling passenger car model, behind yet another Toyota, the Camry. The car continues to sell well and serves as one of the staples of the Toyota brand.

Over the years the cars was offered in different body types; coupes, sedans and wagons. Different engine options also became available, and the car went from rear wheel to front wheel drive. Aesthetically, the vehicle went from a very bland utilitarian design to one now which is considered more “sporty” and “fun.”

One of the reasons why Toyota’s in general have become so popular in the United States and other countries is their reliability. Not just the Corolla, but the entire brand as a whole is known to be an extremely reliable one. In a study performed by the 2015 Toyota Corolla was judged to be the most reliable vehicle in America. Toyota also led the study by being the most reliable brand, having 18 models fall into the top 100 vehicles for reliability. Ford fell in second place with 14 vehicles and Honda came in third place with 10 vehicles.

The Toyota Corolla is also offered at a favorable price point range for the masses; starting at under $20,000 for a new car in 2016. The first generation model was being sold at under $1,700 which was considered affordable at the time. Even now, a vehicle under $20,000 is considered to be, for the most part, affordable by today’s standards. This price point, combined with the reputation for reliability, created a perfect storm for a vehicle to be widely popular and the Toyota Corolla fit the bill perfectly.

With the onset of electric cars gaining popularity, vehicles like the Toyota Corolla will still see favorable sales due to their high miles per gallon rankings and cheaper price points. The electric car revolution will most likely affect gas guzzling vehicles more so in the beginning before it truly starts to affect cheap mass market cars like the Corolla. However Toyota already has many hybrid options available and will most likely start to offer full electric versions of their vehicles at some point in the future. Perhaps one day, the Corolla will continue its reign as one of the most popular vehicles ever made as an electric version. Regardless, the vehicle has entrenched itself as a staple within world-wide society and will continue to be viewed as a “go-to” option car purchase for years to come.

If you have a older Toyota Corolla that you would like to sell or junk, feel free to contact us to get paid top dollar and / or have it removed.

How fast do electric cars depreciate?

2004-2005 Honda Civic Hybrid

We are living in a technological age, one in which electric vehicles are becoming more prominent. Electric cars are projected to increase in popularity as time goes on and as they become more common the resale market for these vehicles will grow. If this is the case, it then becomes interesting to see how these vehicles depreciate and if their depreciation is as dramatic as some of their gasoline powered competition.

One of the many benefits to buying an electric vehicle comes from tax rebates. Federal tax credits can be upwards of $7,500 on an electric vehicle. As a result, it makes buying a new electric car much more attractive and dramatically affects the resale market of that same car. Essentially due to tax credits, it makes the lease of a new vehicle actually cost less than the purchase of a used one.

Average trade-in values of certain electric vehicles in 2014 fell between 22% and 35% depending on the vehicle model. This makes the depreciation on electric cars nearly double that of a comparable gasoline powered vehicle.

There is also an underlying concern as to the battery life of the vehicle and the timeframe in which they would need to be replaced. This creates apprehension when purchasing a used electric car that already has some miles on it which helps drive down the price.

The good news is that if you are willing to purchase a used electric vehicle that is several years old, you can get an amazing deal. A 3 year old Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf can be found for 69%-72% off the sticker price.

An exception to the rapid depreciation of electric vehicles is shown with the company Tesla. 2013 Model S Tesla’s are still worth 71% of their original price, compared with 44% for a Nissan Leaf and 39% for a Chevy Volt.

Really it all comes down to basic economics. People are still weary of the longevity associated with electric cars and until there is more proof in reference to the reliability of electric cars over a long period of time, most buyers will chose a gasoline powered vehicle over an electric one. There needs to be a shift in today’s society’s reliance on fossil fuels and that change is happening slowly but surely. In the meantime, electric powered technology is still relatively new in comparison to gasoline powered vehicles, so the track record and resale value are hindered.

If a buyer would like to avoid a significant loss in their vehicle’s value when they purchase, whether it’s an electric car or gasoline car, they are better off shopping the used market. Depreciation is most dramatic over the first few years of ownership and then it tends to be less significant.

Another option would be to lease a new vehicle instead of buying one. This allows you to not be as concerned with depreciation if you have no intention of buying the car in the first place.

Electric cars are undoubtedly the wave of the future but a buyer must do their research before taking the plunge into electric car ownership. With extremely low resale values and extremely high depreciation, it may be best to explore other markets before making the full commitment to an electric vehicle.

If you have a hybrid or electric car that you want to dispose of, get some cash for it contacting us today.

Cars that depreciate the most and fast

Buick Regal

When buying a new car, most people understand that they are losing a fair amount of money the second the car leaves the lot. On average, one year old cards depreciate roughly 21.2 percent. That’s a significant decrease in value for just 1 year in age. What’s even worse to consider is that there are many cars which are known to lose even more value than that. These cars are depreciation magnets and buyers should beware if consideration is being given to purchasing one of these vehicles.

With the worst depreciation culprits rounding out the bottom of the list, here are several known to have significant depreciation after their first year of ownership.

  • Buick Regal – Buick Regal’s depreciate on average 31.2% in the first year. That’s more than $10,000 and nearly 1/3 of the vehicles overall value.
  • Cadillac CTS – Cadillac’s introductory offering does not hold value well, depreciating roughly 31.8 percent its first year. In dollars this equates to over 13k.
  • Jaguar XF – Jag’s depreciate nearly $20,000 dollars their first year equivalent to around 32.3%
  • Nissan Maxima – the first car on our list to officially lose over 1/3 of its value within 1 year of ownership!
  • Mercedes-Benz C250 – Even luxury brands sometimes have problems. Mercedes depreciate over 34 percent their first year. Combine that loss with the cost of ownership associated with a European Luxury vehicle and you better prepare your wallet to take a hit.
  • Kia Cadenza – The South Korean’s made the list with their Kia Cadenza which boasts 34.3 percent depreciation after year 1. It seems that vehicles across a wide range of manufacturers can be subject to massive depreciation, regardless of the reputation associated with the brand.
  • Volvo S60 – Swedish car manufacturer Volvo also made list with their sporty S60 model. First year depreciation is almost identical to that of the Kia Cadenza at 34.4%.
  • Lincoln MKS – Automotive giant Ford takes a hit with their luxury Lincoln brand. The MKS sees a depreciation of 34.5% and loses over $16,000 its first year!
  • Fiat 500L – Fiat leads the list with the worst depreciation of any car in 2016; 34.6%. Although this is more of a budget vehicle, it still amounts to over $8,000 of the vehicles value in the first year.

As you can see from the list, car depreciation affects many different brands and models. There doesn’t appear to be any propensity towards a specific vehicle manufacturer or country. This may be interpreted as there being a more even playing field with modern manufacturing techniques amongst the different car companies.

When shopping for a new vehicle you will want to take resale value into consideration before you make your purchase. Most people don’t keep their cars forever and eventually sell them for a new vehicle. If you don’t want to take a massive depreciation hit, it may be in your best interests to purchase a vehicle that’s already a year old with some miles on it. At least this way you don’t lose a third of the vehicles value the second you drive off the lot.

If you have already made the error of buying a vehicle that has depreciated too quickly that you can’t get off your hands, nonetheless, feel free to cut your losses and get cash for your unwanted car, and / or donate your car for a tax deduction by filling out the form on the home page, or by calling us dialing the number above.

How Much Money Can I Get For My Junk Car

Honda CRV junked in ozone park, ny

What you get paid for a car that you are trying to sell depends on several factors. If the car has over 100K miles and is over 10 years old, odds are that it will be junked by a company like ours. If it is to be scrapped or junked it will be crushed and sold for what the weight of its metal is worth.

The lower demand for scrap metal in countries like Turkey and China has caused the price of scrap metal to drop by 50 percent in four years, according to the Buffalo News. Manufacturing in China has slowed considerably, therefore those manufacturing organizations aren’t paying what they used to for scrap metal.

The scrap metal trade in the U.S. is a $105 billion a year industry. So many metal products were manufactured in the United States decades before any other country that the scrap metal sector has established the foundation for many other sectors of heavy industry.

“According to data from the Steel Index, U.S. scrap steel prices were about $200 per ton last month, compared to more than $400 per ton in 2011 and 2012,” the Buffalo News reported.

This pricing pressure has caused dozens of yards to close since last year. The Wall Street Journal reports that the price of scrap steel went from $261 a ton in the spring of 2015 to $203 a ton in the spring of this year.

Since production of U.S. steel has dropped 11 percent to 78.9 million tons, that slowdown also contributes to the diminished demand for junk cars. In the U.S. over 60 percent of its steel is produced using scrap metal as its raw material.

Some yard owners are stockpiling scrap motor vehicles until prices pick back up. Although 10 to 12 million cars are junked yearly in the U.S., most yards are family owned and operated such as our yard in Ozone Park, Queens, New York. We have established relationships with mechanics, dealers, peddlers, and other professionals in the automotive community that help keep a business like ours in operation.

A car that was junked for $500 a few years ago can now easily go for around $50 to $150 depending the year, make, model, weight, and condition of the car. The good news is that record sales of new autos have stabilized the prices as factories need more steel for new cars. Further, as the influx of scrap metal has curtailed, demand for it is starting to rise. Hence pricing is forecasted to start increasing too.

If there is a wholesaler that purchases the car for immediate or expeditious resale, then perhaps you could generate more revenue for your used vehicle. However, ease of credit access due to low interest rates that helped record sales new autos, have hurt the used car market considerably. So we get stuck in a dilemma of people wanting to sell their used cars with less buyers. Even people with terrible credit can get a loan for new car. However, feel free to call us if you have a car in operable condition with minimal issues, and we can potentially pay you more for it.

The truth is that if you have the time to wait around while people come kick tires, test drive the vehicle, check the oil, do push-ups to look under your vehicle, or even drive it to their mechanic to be inspected, then you can potentially make more money for your used car posting an ad on Craigslist or Ebay. However, if you do the math, you may not be valuing your time that well if you’re jumping through hoops to make a couple of hundred dollars more for a very old vehicle. If you have to put in work to have it in selling condition, you’re also making a monetary investment that’s not guaranteed to return. Further, if you have to pay for insurance another month or months to keep it on the street, you also have to factor in that as a cost of goods sold. So insurance costs drop your profit as well.

Most of the time with a very old car, the best solution is to donate it to a wounded veterans’ charity or junk the car for a few bucks to stay ahead; either way you save on towing costs; if it breaks down on a highway, you’ll have to pay to have it removed, we can’t even help you in that situation.

You rarely get the money you put in your car because they all depreciate so dramatically. In this case it is not cheaper to keep her.

What’s The Best Way To Sell My Car?

I’ve been buying and selling cars for a little over 20 years now; basically ever since I bought my own car. And each time I sold my car, I always prioritized what has been important to me.

I work; meaning I work a lot. So I don’t always want to invest the little free time I have in trying to squeeze out a few hundred dollars out of a car that I could make working at my job site. If I want to make so much extra money, I’ll just work more; I’ll make more money. And my vehicles are always insured, so I’ll save money on insurance.

You see selling a car on a website like Craigslist, for instance, you’ll have to write ad copy, post up images, then find the time out of your busy schedule to make an appointment and have some one test drive the vehicle, check the oil, probably drive it to their mechanic, and possibly still not purchase your vehicle. If you’re making even $10 an hour and time and a half at $15 an hour for overtime, you’re probably looking at spending $75 per call. If you have to take 10 calls to sell the car, you just put in an additional $750 to sell your car. So its senseless to fight over $300 more. Even if it takes you half the time, you’re just breaking even on your time alone.

For the proverbial cherry on top, it typically takes you a month to sell a car on a website like Craigslist. So you’ll also be out the $150 to whatever amount of money you’ve paid just to sell the car. So even at $150, you will have invested an $900 to sell your car… on the low end. I have relied on selling my car to a place that can offer me cash on the spot. I don’t have time to go on a iffy test drive; nor do I have time to allow you to kick my tires and ask questions you don’t even understand acting like you’re ASE certified. Tell me how much I will get, schedule a time, pay me, and take it away. I value my time too much because once its gone it will never come back.

Cash for Clunkers Program in New York City

Under the CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) program, the federal government put up $3 billion to give owners of older fuel-inefficient cars rebates they could use towards the purchase of more fuel-efficient vehicles. The program started on July 1, 2009. Claims were processed from July 24, 2009 to August 24, 2009 when the funds were depleted. The DOT reported that the program funded $2.8 billion in rebates by the time all the funds were used up.

Now you can sell your fuel-inefficient or older vehicle to a private car buyer. We’ll purchase any vehicle in any condition without the need to inspect the vehicle or test drive it. We guarantee to pay you the dollar amount we quote you over the phone. And if you would like to drive the vehicle to our facility at 134-34 Crossbay Blvd. Ozone Park, NY 11414, we could pay you a $50 to $150 bonus. Call us today, and we’ll buy your used or junk vehicle within 2 hours time.

How to Get the Most Cash for Your Car

You've probably already seen signs all over New York claiming to give you $500 for any car, in any condition. You may be able to get $500 for your junk car if the vehicle is heavy enough. But the truth of the matter is that if you have an older sedan that doesn't weigh that much, it may not be worth $500. And if it's 10 to 15 years old or older, you're going to spend a lot more time and energy than you could recoup by trying to sell the car on Craigslist. 

If you're shopping around to get the highest quote for your car from a company that sells your car beware of the buyers who say that they'll pay you $500 for any car. Some of these predatory car butchers will offer you $500 over the phone or the internet and give you multiple reasons why they can't pay you that amount when the driver arrives. What happens is you've already put the time into waiting for the driver, so you'll get fed up and just take it; or you'll tell him to get lost and have wasted your time, which could possibly equate to several days. 

Call a company that pays the exact amount of cash for your car that you were quoted over the phone or any where. At Carmula, we've been faithfully serving the Queens community for almost 20 years now. We purchase so many cars that we don't have time to give you less money than you were offered over the phone; we would risk losing time when you say, no, and risk losing the cost of a tow truck that we have to pay to arrive at your location. It doesn't make business sense. 

So if you're car is worth $500 we'll quote you $500 and pay you $500. If your car is worth $200, we'll pay you $200. If your car is worth $2000, we'll pay you $2,000, if we could resell it. But don't expect to get Kelly Blue Book value for a car that was manufactured in the 20th century with over 100K miles. What you can expect is that we can either buy it's car for it's resellable value if it has any; or buy it for it's weight in scrap metal for cars that we junk because we wont be able to sell again. 

Have your car removed worry free

Leave your contact information or call us, and we will remove your car and pay you the price you are guaranteed within two hours time.