How to Get Cash for Your Junk Car in the NYC Winter Storm

Although there is an official winter storm warning for New York City and the Southern New York State, we are still removing junk vehicles and paying you cash on the spot. We are loyal to the residents of the New York City regardless of the weather. The snowstorm is dropping sleet over New York right now. And the temperatures are a few points over freezing. The storm is weak for now, as the temperature is high (relatively speaking) and sleet is falling that may make it easier for shoveling. However, major news outlets report that snow will start to fall sometime between 4 pm EST and midnight. Another two to four inches is expected to add to the height that already fell. Fourteen inches are expected to fall in all.

Nonetheless, just as snow plows are clearing a way for drivers and commuters in Manhattan and the rest of the boroughs, we are on call all throughout the day removing cars for people in need. If you are enjoying a day off of work, due to the storm, and you can finally make time to remove that junk vehicle you’ve been aiming to junk, don’t hesitate to call us or send us your contact information, so we could pick your junk car up in as little as two hours time.