Revealed: The Most Popular Uber Destination in New York

Most Popular Uber Destinations

If you thought that the most popular Uber destination in New York was Madison Square Garden, the Met, or the High Line, you’re mistaken. It is not any of the tourist attractions of Manhattan landmarks. The Queens Center Mall is indeed the hottest destination in Empire State. 

New York is also the state where most Ubers are found. 

On Tuesday, the e-hail company announced that the Elmhurst emporium was the place where the company drove most of its cars to in 2019. The location is home to some of the more well-known brands, including Claire’s and Cinnabon and Hot Topic. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was second as far as Uber drives in the Big Apple are concerned. It is followed closely by Brooklyn’s largest mall, the Kings Plaza, located in Mill Basin. 

One Uber Driver, Vicky Singh, says that he drops of 6 or 7 passengers every day at the Queens Center Mall. The 23-year old driver told The Post that he is among hundreds of Uber drivers who work within the New York City area. He knows from his connections with colleagues that drivers from other taxi-hailing companies also make numerous trips to the mall in a day. 

Redwan Hassin is visiting New York City from Jamaica with his wife. The 34-year old said they had visited the shopping mall last Tuesday for the second time in as many weeks. He, however, does not believe that this is Uber’s most significant travel destination in the state. He joked that the statistics were crazy but was elated for Queens Center Mall, adding that it meant good business for vendors in the mall. 

Another visitor, Raul Gonzalez, observed that it was surprising to note of the statistic. The 53-year old Jamaican attributed these soaring numbers to the mall’s massive variety of places to eat and do shopping. In the mall are household names such as Sbarro and Panda Express, among others. 

Many people who go there have visited the numerous food courts that are indoors and more convenient. There are banking halls, restaurants, cafes, night clubs, spas, salons, barbershops, and shopping centers, among other modern amenities that attract thousands of people every day. It perhaps takes the lion share in the world in terms of people per square kilometer. 

While making the announcement, Uber also observed that the Empire State Building was top of the tourists’ destinations where its cars went in 2019. The Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan took the second spot on the list. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth tourist destinations in the global list were Toronto’s CN Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, and Paris’ The Louvre. 

Other honorable mentions in the top 10 list of global travel destinations were Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, California’s Disneyland, the Buckingham Palace in London, and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. 

Tourists and residents in the Big Apple made just over 600,000 trips with Uber and its e-hail counterparts in 2018.