Rear Differential Repair Cost and Replacement

rear differential repair cost

Anyone who owns a heavy-duty truck or an SUV is aware that these vehicles are indefatigable and dependable. For them to remain so, you must pay attention to the engine, routinely change the transmission fluid. It is also essential to give the rear differential adequate care and to ensure that it gets serviced as a matter of usual practice.

The differential performs numerous chores, with the most critical being to boost power transmission accessories. Any vehicle will operate with a single-engine but must power two or four wheels. If you have a four-wheeler, your vehicle will have a front differential and a rear differential.

Rear Differential Leakages

Differential fluid is no different from motor oil. To find out if there are leakages, you have to look at the leaking area to determine its origin. Generally, if the seepage is happening at the rear, automobile, and rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, your differential is likely to be leaking.

The differential might not be the source of the leak because your outer axle seals might have broken down, and the fluid is escaping into the brake assembly. That can be difficult to spot, although you will probably realize that the braking distance has expanded or there is a noise coming from the rear brakes when you step on them.

Leaks could also be coming from the pinion seal or the rear differential cover. If you notice that the fluid is yellowish-brown or grayish, it means your differential is leaking. If a burning smell emitted from your gearbox or differential, this indicates that the differential is failing. If you have gears slips or jerks, or when there is a whining sound coming from the differential or transmission, there is a problem.

Reasons to Repair or Replace a Leaking Rear Differential

If you don’t repair or replace a leaking rear differential, ultimately, the reservoir is likely to run out of oil. The purpose of using the oil is to ensure that no friction between the gears made of steel. Once there is friction between the iron, the apparatus will most likely experience extreme wearing down. In the end, they will fail, and there is likely to be a release of excessive heat. When too much heating occurs, the breaks of the vehicle will fail. You could also experience a failure in the bearings. There are many other areas of the car that will be affected, and a breakdown can happen unexpectedly.

Most times, when a leak occurs, dirt seeps into the differential, and it will be necessary to change or replace the fluid used on this part of the vehicle. It is also essential to repair or replace the leaking differential because the lifespan of your vehicle’s gears and bearings will diminish.

There are other long term effects of a differential that is not repaired or replaced. Without proper maintenance, your bearings and gears will not function correctly, and your axle might size entirely. That can be dangerous if you are driving at high speed, and you might lose control and get into a severe accident.

The Cost of Repairing or Replacing a Differential

Most simple leakages can get repaired by repairing or replacing the gasket. Your mechanic might ask you to get your axle or pinion fixed or replaced, and that would mean that the problem is quite substantial. That would also mean that the repair or replacements could be costly. It helps to seek a second opinion from another vehicle repair shop. This way, you can ask for estimates and make comparisons, or you could find other options for repair.

One option would be to get a complete replacement of the rear axle using one from a vehicle that has become damaged beyond repair. That is a good option and is cheaper if your differential has experienced critical internal destruction.

You will not incur significant expenses if you only replace seals and bearings. You will have to bear with your mechanic for a few hours when they make these changes and will part with $200 to $400. Should there be a need for gears, the cost will increase markedly. If the rear differential repair requires new equipment, you might have to pay $1500 or more. If you have to replace the rear differential, getting a used assembly might be a good option. You could pay $1500 to $2000 to get a used part with a sufficient warranty. If you have to purchase an entirely new piece, you might have to pay $300 to $4000 or slightly more.

Reasons to Junk or Sell Your Vehicle

If you feel that you don’t want to handle any differential repairs, you have the option of selling or junking your vehicle. If you find the costs to be very high, sell it or junk it!

You must determine if your car is worth repairing or should be discarded or even sold. Should you choose to sell it, we can help you. We will give you a quote for your vehicle in its present condition.

Once we determine the condition of your car, we will offer you a fair price. You can opt to accept or reject the offer. If you find the offer agreeable, we will pay you in cash upon removing the vehicle from your possession.

It is advisable to sell the vehicle if you feel that you will continue spending money on its repairs.

Once you have sold the automobile, you can use the funds to purchase another car. It is also essential that you have a determination of your valuation of the vehicle before you agree with the buyers. Talk to your mechanic so that you get a picture of how much repairing your car will cost, or if repairing it will add value to the vehicle. Of course, all this should not happen if you ensure that your motor vehicle is maintained on a regular basis.