How To Sell Your Totaled Car

sell totaled car

Sell Totaled Car

Every year, drivers are involved in over 6 million car accidents in America. Many of these accidents are not fatal and will not have any structural damage to the cars. However, sometimes, the vehicle will suffer substantial frame damage. These issues lead to expensive repairs. Vehicles that are too expensive to fix are called totaled cars.

If your car is totaled, there are only a few things that can you could do. The most financially reasonable option is to sell the car, so you can have money to get a new one. Here are a few ways you can get rid of your totaled vehicle quickly.

Make Sure That It Is Totaled

Sometimes, the damage is much more minor than it may seem. For you to consider the car totaled, the quantity of repairs required is higher than the total value of the vehicle. One of the easiest ways to find out whether the car is completely wrecked is to check with your insurance company. Also get an estimate from a local mechanic and way the repair quotation to the current price of the car.

Opt To Sell It to Your Insurance Company

If the car is totaled, you need to look for a buyer to take it off your hands. If you have comprehensive coverage through the insurance company, then you are lucky. The company is mandated to buy the car from you at its full market price.

When they write you the check, the insurance company arrives to take the car, and you can use the payout to get a new car. This method is the easiest way for a car owner to get compensated and have an easy way to get a reasonably good car even after an accident.

Speak With DMV

If you do not have the comprehensive coverage, do not worry, there are still other methods to sell a totaled car. Speak to a DMV representative. Usually, the agency has a car title known as salvage titles for vehicles that have sustained significant damage. This title is essential since you will need it when selling the car, so you are not accused of withholding information from buyers.

Find an Excellent Dealership

Once you have the salvage title, it is time to seek potential buyers. One of the fastest methods of selling the car is to go to a car dealership. Usually, these dealerships will take the vehicle, regardless of its present condition. They will then trade you with credit that will help you when you are purchasing a new car. However, consider speaking to several dealerships to ensure that you will get the highest dollar amount toward the purchase of another vehicle, so you do not have to spend too much on a new car.

Selling a totaled car is not as difficult as most people think. There is a market for total vehicles that cannot be satisfied. Some parties have the willingness to pay good cash for the cars that have numerous degrees of damage.

If all else fails, just junk the car with us; we will pay you cash on the spot.