Is it Worth It to fix a blown head gasket?

Your vehicle is bound to age, and as this happens, the repair costs begin to increase. Many parts of the car will need your attention: the tires, battery, brakes, belts, etc. Then there are recurring maintenance activities like oil changes, which also costs money. 

You may also need to change your clutch if you own a manual car. The cost of repairing or replacing some of these parts may be bearable. What about the value of fixing a blown head gasket? Is it bearable? And is it worth it? Let’s find out. 

The Head Gasket

A head gasket connects the engine block and the cylinder head of your engine. It seals where the oxygen and oil mix and burns. It also seals the places where the coolant passes. The refrigerant is what prevents your engine from overheating, and it is this heat that may cause your gasket to blow off. Other reasons that may cause the gasket to get damaged include a faulty part in the gasket, wear, and tear, use of a wrong gasket, among others.  

What If The Head Gasket Blows?

An engine that’s not correctly sealed is said to have blown. A blown head gasket results in fuel compression issues within the motor. The engine will also overheat because the coolant will leak away. It will lose its torque and power because the fuel and air mixture will escape from the cylinder. 

The Cost Of Repairing a Head Gasket

The cost of repairs of a gasket varies depending on the type of gasket. The minimum you can spend is about $1,400, while the maximum can go as high as $1,600. If you have a very complicated engine, then you may be forced to part with about $2,500 to repair your gasket. This cost is quite high. But what’s the cause? To repair or replace a blown off gasket, the mechanic must disassemble the entire engine, and this will take a lot of time. 

After carrying out the repair work, it will take even longer to re-assemble the engine. While re-assembling the engine, the mechanic must ensure the settings are precise, and the cylinders are timed correctly to prevent misfiring. The whole process is complicated and time-consuming, leading to high labor costs. 

Is Repairing Your Head Gasket Worth The Time and The Money?

Carefully gauge the nature and condition of your car before determining whether fixing a head gasket is worth it. If an old car blew its gasket, it would be a waste of time and money. Try to get a few quotes from mechanics and compare these quotes to the value of your vehicle. You’ll notice that the cost of repair may be higher than the price of your car. It would, therefore, be a better idea to sell your car to a junk dealer, add some cash, and buy another vehicle. 

You can as well use that cash as a down-payment for another vehicle, then pay the balance in installments. However, if the cost of repair is far less than the value of your vehicle, then you may consider replacing or repairing the gasket.