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Edgemere is a neighborhood located in the Rockaway Peninsula of Queens, New York City. It lies between Far Rockaway to the east and Arverne to the west, with the Atlantic Ocean providing a scenic backdrop to the south. This neighborhood offers a unique blend of urban and coastal living, characterized by its quiet streets, beachfront access, and evolving community dynamics.


Edgemere, located in the borough of Queens in New York City, has a rich and varied history that reflects the broader transformations of the surrounding area. Situated on the Rockaway Peninsula, Edgemere has evolved from a rural area to a popular seaside resort, and more recently into a residential neighborhood. Here’s an overview of its historical development:

Early History and Development

Initially, Edgemere was part of the larger Rockaway Peninsula, known for its beaches and as a hunting ground for the Native American Lenape people. The area was later settled by European colonists. Throughout the 19th century, Edgemere and the surrounding Rockaways began to gain popularity as a vacation destination for residents of New York City seeking respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Turn of the 20th Century – The Resort Era

By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Edgemere had developed into a thriving seaside resort. Hotels, amusement parks, and beachfront attractions sprang up, drawing visitors during the summer months. The area was particularly known for its luxurious hotels and was a part of the broader development of the Rockaway Peninsula as the “Irish Riviera” due to its popularity among Irish-American vacationers.

Mid-20th Century – Decline and Urbanization

After World War II, the popularity of Edgemere as a resort declined. This was due in part to the advent of air travel and the increasing accessibility of more distant vacation destinations, as well as the damage caused by several hurricanes. As the tourism industry waned, urban development began to take over. The area saw the construction of public housing and the transformation into a more residential community. However, this period also marked a decline in economic prosperity, and the neighborhood faced various urban challenges.

Late 20th and Early 21st Century – Renewal Efforts

In recent decades, there have been efforts to revitalize Edgemere and the wider Rockaway area. This includes improvements in infrastructure, residential development, and the promotion of the area as a beachfront destination for New Yorkers once again. The neighborhood has also seen initiatives aimed at improving housing and amenities for residents.

Hurricane Sandy and Recovery

Edgemere, like much of the Rockaway Peninsula, was significantly impacted by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The storm caused extensive damage to homes and infrastructure. Recovery and rebuilding efforts have been ongoing, with a focus on making the community more resilient against future storms, improving public spaces, and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Today, Edgemere is characterized by its residential areas, ongoing development projects, and as part of the continuous transformation of the Rockaway Peninsula. It reflects both the challenges and resilience of a community that has repeatedly reinvented itself in response to economic, environmental, and social changes.


Here’s a detailed look at Edgemere’s geographical limits:

  • Northern Boundary: Edgemere is bounded to the north by Jamaica Bay. This large body of water provides a natural border and is a significant ecological feature that impacts the neighborhood, offering beautiful views and serving as a critical habitat for wildlife.
  • Southern Boundary: The southern edge of Edgemere is defined by the Atlantic Ocean. This coastal boundary provides the neighborhood with beachfront access, shaping its identity as a part of the Rockaway Peninsula known for its beaches and seaside attractions.
  • Eastern Boundary: To the east, Edgemere transitions into the neighborhood of Far Rockaway. The boundary is generally considered to be around Beach 32nd Street, where there is a change in the urban landscape and community layout.
  • Western Boundary: To the west, Edgemere is bordered by part the Jamaica Bay and with the neighborhood of Arverne. The division between Edgemere and Arverne is often considered to be around Beach 59th Street. This boundary is more of an urban continuum rather than a sharp divide, with residential and commercial properties marking the transition.

Scenic Beauty

Edgemere, located on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, New York City, offers a unique blend of urban and natural landscapes that contribute to its scenic beauty. Nestled between Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the neighborhood boasts stunning waterfront views and access to some of the city’s most beautiful beaches. Here’s a closer look at the scenic beauty found in and around Edgemere:

Atlantic Ocean and Beaches

The southern edge of Edgemere fronts the Atlantic Ocean, providing expansive beachfront that is less crowded than more central areas in Rockaway Beach. These beaches are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying long walks along the shore. The natural beauty of the sandy beaches against the backdrop of the ocean makes this area particularly appealing during the warmer months.

Jamaica Bay

To the north, Edgemere is bordered by Jamaica Bay, known for its ecological diversity and as a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. The bay area offers picturesque views of water, marshes, and wildlife, creating a tranquil environment that contrasts with the urban density typically associated with New York City.

Dubos Point Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife refuge, located near Edgemere, is a valuable ecological site within New York City. It provides a habitat for various bird species and other wildlife, and its marshy landscape offers unique scenery and a peaceful retreat from urban life.

Urban and Community Parks

Edgemere also contains several small parks and green spaces that add to its scenic value. These areas are vital for community gatherings, recreational activities, and simply enjoying the outdoors within an urban setting.

Architectural Elements

While Edgemere’s architecture is predominantly residential with a mix of older homes and new developments, the ongoing revitalization efforts in the area are enhancing its aesthetic appeal. New buildings and community facilities are being designed with an eye for integrating with the natural surroundings, adding to the overall visual appeal of the neighborhood.

Rockaway Boardwalk

Nearby, the renovated Rockaway Boardwalk provides miles of scenic walking and biking paths along the oceanfront. This area, accessible from Edgemere, has become a popular destination for both locals and visitors, featuring art installations, recreational facilities, and spots for dining and relaxation overlooking the sea.

Recreactional Activities

Edgemere offers a range of recreational activities that leverage its unique geographic features between Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The neighborhood’s natural and urban environments provide diverse opportunities for both leisure and active pursuits. Here’s a look at some of the recreational activities available in and around Edgemere:

Beach Activities

  • Beach Visits: Edgemere’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean allows for numerous beach-related activities. Residents and visitors can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and beach volleyball during the warmer months.
  • Surfing: The Rockaway Peninsula is known for some of the best surfing in New York City, and while the main surfing beaches are slightly west of Edgemere, the entire area benefits from the surf culture.

Water Sports and Activities

  • Kayaking and Paddleboarding: Jamaica Bay offers ideal conditions for kayaking and paddleboarding, especially in the sheltered waters. This is a great way to explore the natural beauty of the bay’s marshy edges and spot local wildlife.
  • Fishing: The jetties and shores along both Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic are popular spots for fishing. Enthusiasts can catch a variety of species, making it a popular year-round activity for locals.

Walking and Biking

  • Rockaway Boardwalk: The nearby boardwalk provides a fantastic route for walking, jogging, and cycling along the oceanfront. This recently renovated area also features playgrounds, fitness equipment, and ample space for picnics and gatherings.
  • Nature Walks: The Dubos Point Wildlife Sanctuary and other green spaces in and around Edgemere offer trails and paths for nature walks, where visitors can enjoy bird watching and the tranquility of natural settings.

Parks and Playgrounds

  • Local Parks: Edgemere has access to several urban parks with playgrounds, sports fields, and recreational facilities that cater to families and individuals looking to enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Community Gardens: Participating in community gardening is another recreational activity available in Edgemere, providing a peaceful escape and a chance to engage with neighbors in nurturing green spaces.

Cultural and Community Events

  • Community Centers: These centers often host events, workshops, and classes that range from arts and crafts to fitness and educational programs, serving as focal points for community engagement.
  • Festivals and Community Gatherings: Seasonal festivals, market days, and cultural celebrations are held throughout the year, highlighting the diverse heritage of Edgemere’s residents and offering entertainment and fun for all ages.

Sports and Fitness

  • Recreational Leagues: For those interested in organized sports, local leagues for soccer, baseball, and basketball are active, involving community members in regular games and tournaments.

Local Economy and Major Trading Areas

Edgemere, located in Queens, New York City, has a local economy shaped by its geographic location on the Rockaway Peninsula, community demographics, and urban development challenges and opportunities. The area’s economy also benefits from proximity to natural resources and recreational sites, influencing the types of businesses and services found there. Here’s an overview of the local economy and major trading areas in Edgemere:

Retail and Commerce

  • Local Businesses: Edgemere’s commercial activity is centered around small, local businesses that cater to the daily needs of residents. These include convenience stores, laundromats, local eateries, and independent retail shops. The neighborhood lacks large shopping centers, leading residents to rely on nearby areas such as Far Rockaway or Arverne for more extensive shopping needs.
  • Beachfront and Recreational Services: During the warmer months, there is some economic activity generated from beachgoers and tourists visiting the area for its beaches and natural surroundings. This includes seasonal pop-up shops, food stands, and recreational service providers like surf schools and rental shops.

Real Estate Development

  • Housing Market: Edgemere has been the focus of various urban renewal and real estate development projects over the years, particularly aimed at revitalizing areas that have suffered from economic decline and natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy. These developments often aim to introduce new residential units and improve infrastructure, potentially boosting the local economy by attracting new residents and investment.
  • Affordable Housing Initiatives: The neighborhood has seen developments intended to provide affordable housing options, which not only address housing needs but also aim to stimulate economic growth and stability within the community.

Construction and Infrastructure Projects

  • Public Works and Infrastructure: Significant investment in infrastructure, including road improvements, utility upgrades, and public transit enhancements, contribute to the local economy by creating jobs and improving overall accessibility and quality of life in Edgemere.
  • Resilience and Recovery Projects: Post-Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts and ongoing resilience projects, such as coastal protection measures and the redevelopment of damaged properties, have also spurred economic activity in the area, involving construction, engineering, and environmental planning services.

Employment Trends

  • Local Employment: The majority of employment within Edgemere is found in the retail, service, and construction sectors. However, many residents commute to other parts of Queens or Manhattan for work, particularly given the limited local job opportunities in high-paying industries.
  • Community Initiatives: There are also community-driven initiatives aimed at boosting local employment by supporting small businesses and entrepreneurship, particularly those that engage with the unique cultural and environmental aspects of Edgemere.

Main Communication Routes and Public Transportation

Edgemere, Queens, while offering scenic beachfront and residential tranquility, faces some challenges with connectivity due to its location on the Rockaway Peninsula. However, the neighborhood still benefits from several main communication routes and public transportation options that facilitate access to other parts of New York City. Here’s a detailed look at the transportation infrastructure in Edgemere:

Main Roads and Highways

  • Rockaway Freeway (NY-878): This is one of the primary thoroughfares that runs through the Rockaway Peninsula, including Edgemere. It connects to major roads leading off the peninsula, facilitating access to the rest of Queens and the broader New York City area.
  • Beach Channel Drive: This is another significant road that runs parallel to Rockaway Beach Boulevard and provides a major east-west route across the peninsula.

Public Transportation

Subway Access: The A train serves Edgemere at the Beach 44th Street and Beach 36th Street stations. The A train provides a direct connection to Brooklyn and Manhattan, which is vital for residents commuting for work or leisure.

Bus Services: Several New York City bus lines operate in and around Edgemere, including the Q22 and QM17:

  • The Q22 bus: runs along Rockaway Beach Boulevard, providing local service across the Rockaway Peninsula.
  • The QM17 bus: offers express service to Manhattan, which is especially beneficial for commuters.
  • Shuttle Services: During the summer months, there are shuttle services that run along the Rockaway Peninsula, enhancing connectivity between different neighborhoods on the beachfront.

Proximity to Airports

Edgemere is relatively close to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), located approximately 10 miles away. This proximity is convenient for residents and visitors traveling by air, though direct public transportation options to JFK are limited, typically requiring a combination of bus and subway or AirTrain connections.

Biking and Walking Paths

Edgemere, like much of the Rockaway Peninsula, is relatively friendly for cyclists and pedestrians, particularly along the boardwalk and other beachfront areas. These paths are not only recreational but also serve as practical routes for local travel, especially during the warmer months.

Demographic Data

Edgemere is a neighborhood with unique demographic characteristics shaped by various social, economic, and historical factors. Here’s an overview of the demographic data of Edgemere:

Ethnic and Racial Composition

Edgemere, like many parts of Queens, is diverse. It has a significant African American population, along with Hispanic or Latino, White, and smaller percentages of Asian residents. This diversity is a reflection of the broader patterns of immigration and demographic shifts within New York City.

Age Distribution

The age distribution in Edgemere shows a mix of young adults, middle-aged residents, and seniors. This diverse age range supports a variety of community needs and services, from schools and playgrounds to senior centers.

Population Density

While the Rockaway Peninsula is not as densely populated as other parts of Queens, Edgemere itself has areas of varying density. Residential developments, including both public housing and newer private housing projects, contribute to the neighborhood’s population density.

Income Levels

Edgemere has historically been one of the less affluent neighborhoods in Queens, with a significant portion of its population experiencing economic challenges. However, there are signs of economic revitalization through new housing developments and infrastructural improvements that may impact future income statistics.

Educational Attainment

Educational levels in Edgemere vary, with a substantial number of residents having high school diplomas, but a lower percentage holding college degrees compared to some other parts of the city. Local schools and community programs aim to support educational advancement and opportunities for youth in the area.


Edgemere has a mix of housing types, including public housing complexes, single-family homes, and newer condominium developments. The area’s housing landscape has been evolving, particularly with efforts to rebuild and rejuvenate after the damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


Unemployment rates in Edgemere have traditionally been higher than the city average, but employment opportunities have been slowly improving with economic development efforts in the area. Many residents commute to other parts of Queens or Manhattan for work, particularly in service, healthcare, and retail sectors.


Edgemere, like many neighborhoods in urban areas, experiences a range of crime issues that vary in severity and frequency. However, it’s important to consider the broader context of community efforts, law enforcement strategies, and social services aimed at reducing crime and enhancing safety in the area. Here’s an overview of the crime situation in Edgemere, Queens:

Types of Crime

  • Property Crimes: Edgemere sees a relatively higher incidence of property crimes such as burglary, theft, and vandalism. These are more common types of crimes in areas with varying economic conditions and urban development challenges.
  • Violent Crimes: While less common than property crimes, incidents of violent crime do occur, including assaults and robberies. These incidents tend to be concentrated in specific areas and can be associated with larger social issues such as unemployment and lack of recreational opportunities for youth.
  • Drug-Related Issues: Like many communities facing economic challenges, Edgemere deals with issues related to drug use and drug-related crimes, which can contribute to both property and violent crimes in the area.

Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention

  • NYPD Presence: Edgemere is served by the 100th and 101st Precincts of the New York City Police Department, which conduct regular patrols and community policing efforts. These precincts engage in various crime prevention strategies, including neighborhood watch programs and youth engagement activities.
  • Community Policing: There is an emphasis on building strong relationships between the police and the community to help reduce crime. Community policing efforts include meetings with neighborhood residents, workshops, and collaborative problem-solving efforts focused on safety.
  • CCTV and Security Measures: In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of CCTV cameras and other security measures in public areas and housing developments to deter crime and assist in law enforcement efforts.

Community Involvement

  • Community Boards and Local Organizations: Local community boards and nonprofit organizations in Edgemere actively participate in safety initiatives. These groups work on improving lighting in public spaces, organizing community clean-up days, and providing safe recreational activities for local youth.
  • Youth Programs: There are several local initiatives aimed at engaging young people in positive activities to prevent them from becoming involved in criminal activities. These programs include sports leagues, educational workshops, and arts programs, which are crucial for keeping youth occupied and out of trouble.


Edgemere, located in the Rockaway Peninsula of Queens, New York City, offers various amenities that cater to the needs of its residents and enhance the quality of life in this coastal neighborhood. Here’s an overview of the key amenities available in Edgemere:

Recreational Amenities

  • Beaches: As part of the Rockaway Peninsula, Edgemere boasts access to extensive sandy beaches, which are a major attraction during the warmer months. These beaches provide opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and various water sports.
  • Parks: Edgemere has several parks and playgrounds, including the Dubos Point Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers a natural habitat for local wildlife and a quiet place for residents to enjoy the outdoors. Other nearby large green spaces include Rockaway Community Park and Bayswater Point State Park, offering additional recreational options such as hiking, bird watching, and sports facilities.

Public Services

  • Libraries: The Queens Public Library operates a branch in nearby Far Rockaway, providing residents with access to books, computers, educational programs, and community events.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Edgemere is close to several healthcare facilities, including St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway, offering a range of medical services to the community.
  • Public Safety: The area is served by the NYPD’s 100th Precinct, which provides policing and community safety programs. The presence of local fire stations also enhances safety and emergency response capabilities.

Educational Facilities

  • Schools: Edgemere hosts several public schools, including P.S. 106 and P.S. 183, which serve the local community. These schools offer educational programs from kindergarten through middle school.
  • Community Programs: Various community centers and non-profit organizations offer educational and recreational programs, especially for youth and seniors, contributing to community development and support.


  • Public Transit: While Edgemere doesn’t have direct subway service, it is served by multiple bus lines, including the Q22 and QM17, which connect residents to subway stations in nearby neighborhoods. This linkage facilitates access to broader New York City.
  • Major Roads: Edgemere is accessible via major thoroughfares such as Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach Channel Drive, which connect to other parts of the Rockaway Peninsula and mainland Queens.

Shopping and Dining

  • Local Shops and Restaurants: Edgemere has a variety of local shops and eateries, with a particularly strong presence of Caribbean and seafood restaurants reflecting the local culture. For more extensive shopping needs, residents often travel to nearby neighborhoods such as Arverne and Far Rockaway.

Comunity Engagement

Edgemere, Queens, embodies a strong sense of community engagement, characterized by active participation from residents and various organizations in initiatives aimed at improving neighborhood conditions and fostering community spirit. Here’s an overview of community engagement in Edgemere:

Community Organizations and Non-Profits

  • Local Development Corporations and Civic Associations: These organizations play a pivotal role in Edgemere by spearheading community development projects, advocating for local needs at the city government level, and organizing residents around common causes. They focus on issues like housing development, public safety, and access to services.
  • Environmental and Conservation Groups: Given its location near natural habitats and waterfronts, Edgemere has active involvement in environmental preservation. Local groups work on beach clean-ups, wildlife protection initiatives, and environmental education programs to maintain and improve the local ecosystem.

Youth Engagement and Education

  • After-School Programs and Sports Leagues: Community centers and local schools offer various after-school programs, including sports, arts, and academic tutoring, which are crucial for engaging young people and providing safe, constructive activities after school hours.
  • Mentorship Programs: These programs connect youth with adult mentors who provide guidance, support, and positive role models, aiming to foster personal and academic growth.

Cultural and Social Activities

Edgemere celebrates its diversity through cultural festivals that highlight the traditions of its various ethnic groups.

Residents participate in community gardening projects that not only beautify the area but also promote local food production and healthy living.

Health and Wellness Initiatives

  • Health Fairs and Wellness Workshops: Regularly organized by local health clinics and community groups, these fairs provide critical health screenings, wellness education, and resources to improve community health outcomes.
  • Fitness and Well-being Programs: Community centers offer fitness classes and wellness programs that encourage healthy lifestyles among residents of all ages.

Civic Engagement

  • Community Meetings and Planning Sessions: Regular community meetings invite residents to discuss neighborhood issues, plan local projects, and engage with elected officials and city agencies. These forums are essential for voicing community concerns and influencing local policy and development.
  • Volunteerism: Many residents actively volunteer in local schools, senior centers, and emergency services, demonstrating a strong commitment to supporting their community.

Emergency Response and Preparedness

  • Community Response Teams: In response to past challenges like Hurricane Sandy, Edgemere has developed community response teams that coordinate disaster preparedness and emergency response efforts, aiming to equip residents with the skills and resources needed to handle potential future crises effectively.

Schools and Universities

Edgemere is served primarily by public schools, which are part of the New York City Department of Education, and benefits from proximity to several colleges and universities in the greater Queens area. Here’s an overview of the educational landscape in and around Edgemere:

Primary and Secondary Education

  • P.S. 106 Edward Everett Hale: This is a local public elementary school in Edgemere serving grades Pre-K through 5. It focuses on providing a solid foundation in basic skills along with early exposure to arts and sciences.
  • P.S. 197 The Ocean School: Located nearby in Far Rockaway, this school serves students from Kindergarten through Grade 5 and emphasizes a curriculum enriched with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiatives.
  • Waterside Children’s Studio School: This is a public school serving students in grades K-5 in the Rockaway Peninsula, offering a creative and supportive learning environment.
  • Channel View School for Research: For older students, this school serves grades 6 through 12 and is located in Rockaway Park, offering a college-preparatory curriculum with a strong emphasis on environmental science and technology as part of the New York City Outward Bound Schools.

Higher Education

While there are no colleges directly within Edgemere, several higher education institutions are accessible within a reasonable distance:

  • York College (CUNY): Located in Jamaica, Queens, York College offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, particularly strong in health sciences, business, and communications technology.
  • Queensborough Community College (CUNY): Situated in Bayside, Queens, this community college offers associate degrees and certificates in various fields, including liberal arts, sciences, health, and business.
  • Queens College (CUNY): Also part of the City University of New York system, Queens College in Flushing offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the liberal arts and sciences, known for its rigorous academic standards and diverse student body.

Cultural Offering

Edgemere, located in Queens, New York City, may not be as densely populated with cultural institutions as other parts of New York, but it offers a unique blend of cultural experiences influenced by its community and geographic setting on the Rockaway Peninsula. Here’s an overview of the cultural offerings in and around Edgemere:

Community and Arts Centers

While Edgemere itself may have limited dedicated cultural facilities, nearby areas in the Rockaway Peninsula provide venues that host arts and cultural events. These include community centers and libraries that often organize arts exhibitions, performances, and workshops that are accessible to Edgemere residents.

Music and Performances

During the summer months, the Rockaway Beach areas become vibrant hubs of music and cultural festivals. Beachfront concerts and outdoor performances featuring a variety of music genres, from rock and reggae to jazz and classical, draw visitors and locals alike, contributing to the cultural scene accessible from Edgemere.

Art and Galleries

Art initiatives often pop up seasonally along the Rockaway Peninsula, with local artists displaying their work in public spaces and temporary galleries. These can include mural projects, public sculptures, and community-driven art events that encourage local participation.

Historical Sites

The Rockaway Peninsula is rich in history, and several historical sites in the vicinity offer insights into the area’s past. This includes the remnants of old fortifications and historical exhibitions about the area’s development, particularly its transformation from a popular beach resort to a residential community.

Culinary Culture

The culinary offerings in Edgemere and the broader Rockaway area reflect its diverse community. A variety of food establishments serve dishes ranging from traditional American seafood to Caribbean and Latin American cuisines. Seasonal food festivals also celebrate this diversity, offering tastes of different cultures and local specialties.

Film and Cinema

Outdoor movie nights are popular in the Rockaways during the summer, providing family-friendly entertainment that enhances the cultural life of the community. These events often feature popular films and classics, making cinema accessible in a communal setting.

Cultural Festivals

Various cultural festivals celebrate the diverse backgrounds of the residents living in and around Edgemere. These include celebrations of Caribbean heritage, Hispanic cultural festivals, and more, featuring traditional music, dance, food, and crafts.

Environmental and Ecological Programs

Given its location near natural habitats and ecological zones, Edgemere offers cultural programming related to environmental education and conservation. This includes workshops, guided tours, and activities focused on the preservation of the local marine and wetland environments.

Holidays, Cultural Festivals and Fairs

In Edgemere, Queens, like in many New York City neighborhoods, residents celebrate a variety of holidays, festivals and fairs that reflect the community’s cultural diversity and local traditions. Here’s a look at the types of holidays, festivals and fairs you can find in and around Edgemere:

National and Federal Holidays

  • Independence Day (July 4th): This holiday is marked with community gatherings, beach outings, and barbecues in Edgemere, taking full advantage of its coastal location. Residents may also enjoy fireworks displays visible along the Rockaway Peninsula.
  • Memorial Day and Labor Day: These holidays bookend the summer season and are typically celebrated with community picnics, parades, and beach events, making the most of the neighborhood’s beachfront parks.
  • Thanksgiving: A time for community and reflection, Thanksgiving in Edgemere sees local churches and community centers often hosting free meals for those in need, and residents gathering with family and friends for traditional feasts.
  • Veterans Day: Recognized with ceremonies and commemorations, this day is observed by community groups and local organizations paying tribute to veterans through various events and activities.

Cultural and Religious Holidays

  • Christmas and Hanukkah: These holidays are celebrated with community decorations, special religious services, and festive events. Local churches and synagogues hold gatherings and services that are open to the community, often featuring music and food.
  • Easter: Marked by church services and community egg hunts for children, Easter is another opportunity for local celebrations, with many residents participating in outdoor activities if the weather permits.
  • Ramadan and Eid: The Muslim community in Edgemere observes Ramadan and celebrates Eid with community iftars (evening meals to break the fast) and special prayers at local mosques. Eid festivals may include food, games, and activities for children.
  • Diwali: Celebrated by the neighborhood’s Indian and South Asian communities, Diwali, the Festival of Lights, includes home decorations, fireworks, and community gatherings that may feature cultural performances and traditional foods.
  • Cinco de Mayo: This holiday is celebrated by Edgemere’s Latino residents with cultural festivals that include traditional music, dancing, and Mexican cuisine.

Beach Festivals

  • Rockaway Beach Food Festival: While primarily taking place in nearby areas along the Rockaway Beach, this festival can be easily accessed by Edgemere residents. It features a mix of local food vendors, live music, and craft stalls, celebrating the end of summer with a festive beachfront atmosphere.
  • Sandcastle Contests: Seasonal sandcastle contests engage families and artists, who create intricate and imaginative sculptures. These events often include categories for different age groups and skill levels, making them a fun day out for everyone.

Cultural Celebrations

  • Caribbean Carnival: Reflecting the significant Caribbean population in the Rockaways, this event features vibrant costumes, dance, music, and food, celebrating Caribbean culture and traditions.
  • Hispanic Heritage Festival: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, this festival includes music performances, dance, traditional foods, and craft workshops, highlighting the rich cultural contributions of the Hispanic community in Edgemere.

Community Fairs

  • Edgemere Community Day: This local event fosters community spirit through activities such as games, arts and crafts, local performances, and community service booths. It’s a day for residents to come together, celebrate their neighborhood, and enjoy family-friendly entertainment.

Holiday-Themed Events

  • Halloween Parades and Christmas Markets: Seasonal festivities include community parades for Halloween, featuring costume contests and trick-or-treating for kids, and Christmas markets that offer holiday crafts, gifts, and warm beverages.


While Edgemere itself might not have the density of restaurants found in more central urban areas, there are several notable dining spots within the neighborhood and in nearby areas of the Rockaways. Here’s a look at some of the restaurant options available:

Local Eateries and Food Stands

  • Beachside Bites: During the warmer months, the beach areas around Edgemere come alive with food stands and pop-up eateries that serve a variety of beach-friendly foods such as hot dogs, burgers, ice cream, and seafood. These seasonal options offer convenience and local flavor for beachgoers.

Caribbean Cuisine

  • The Food Hut: Located in nearby Far Rockaway, this restaurant offers authentic Caribbean dishes, reflecting the large Caribbean community in the area. Diners can enjoy jerk chicken, curry goat, and oxtail, served with hearty sides like rice and peas or fried plantains.

American Restaurants

  • Breezy’s BBQ & Grill: Also in the broader Rockaway area, this spot is known for its casual American fare, including barbecued meats and classic sides. Its laid-back atmosphere makes it a local favorite.
  • Sayra’s Wine Bar: Offering a selection of tapas and small plates along with a curated list of wines, this spot in nearby Rockaway Beach is perfect for a more upscale yet relaxed dining experience.

Cafes and Casual Dining

  • Rockaway Roastery: A coffee shop that offers freshly roasted coffee and light bites, perfect for breakfast or a leisurely afternoon. They also serve pastries and sandwiches in a cozy setting.
  • Thai Kitchen by the Sea: This Thai restaurant offers a range of Asian dishes with beautiful views of the ocean, located a short distance from Edgemere.


  • Boardwalk Pizza: Serving classic New York-style pizza along with Italian favorites, this pizzeria is a hit among locals and visitors alike, located in nearby Rockaway Park.

Diverse Offerings in Nearby Neighborhoods

Residents of Edgemere also frequently venture to neighboring areas like Arverne and Far Rockaway, where the dining options are more plentiful. These areas feature a mix of international cuisines, including Latin American, Asian, and more traditional American eateries.

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