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Nestled near JFK Airport, the quaint residential and fishing community of Hamilton Beach encircles the serene Hawtree Basin. Numerous inlets mark this picturesque area, with various watercraft moored at docks. The community features an array of beachside structures and charming settings, epitomizing coastal living.

The middle-class neighborhood of Hamilton Beach, located in the borough of Queens, New York City, features the 102nd Street Creek as its northern boundary, the IND Rockaway Line (A train) tracks and JFK Airport to the east, Hawtree Creek to the west, and Jamaica Bay to the south. The area is among the few New York City communities boasting its volunteer fire department. People often refer to Hamilton Beach as West Hamilton Beach. Historically, East Hamilton Beach lay on the east side of the Long Island Rail Road tracks. However, in the 1940s, the city annexed this area to expand Idlewild Airport, now known as JFK Airport. The name of Hamilton Beach shares no connection with the Hamilton Beach Company, except in nomenclature. The company took its title from Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Beach.

Waterfront Spot

A small, tight-knit community, Hamilton Beach sits in southern Queens along the shore of Jamaica Bay. This location affords residents easy access to waterfront activities like fishing and boating. Charming homes and small businesses line the streets, creating a cozy, suburban atmosphere. Despite its seemingly remote feel, Hamilton Beach maintains excellent connectivity to the rest of the city with various public transit options. This hidden gem in Queens blends a peaceful waterfront setting with convenient access to the city’s vibrant attractions.

Hamilton Beach is a picturesque waterfront neighborhood in Howard Beach’s southeastern part. The community takes its name from Alexander Hamilton, the founding father and first Treasury Secretary, who often visited the area in the summers, enjoying its beauty and tranquility with his family. The neighborhood, honoring this famous figure, adopted the name Hamilton Beach. Visitors and residents celebrate the tranquil community’s impressive waterfront, beautiful homes, and abundant recreational opportunities.


Until the mid-1950s, the Long Island Rail Road’s Rockaway Beach Branch featured a Hamilton Beach station. This station ceased operations on June 27, 1955, due to the LIRR selling much of the branch’s right of way to the New York City Transit Authority. Hamilton Beach, a small community, comprises one long strip (104th Street) with ten dead-end blocks branching off. Water mostly surrounds it. The community has one vehicular access point and two pedestrian entryways. A boardwalk runs from the A train station at Coleman Square to 104th Street, providing access.

The Hawtree Basin pedestrian bridge, nestled between two of the ten blocks, also links Hamilton and Old Howard Beach. Hamilton features a small park with a 200-foot baseball field, a handball court, a small jungle gym area, and a beach at its southern end. Gateways Hamilton Beach Park, located south of 165th Avenue, serves as the Q11 bus’s last stop. Historically, when unincorporated, Hamilton Beach had dirt roads, cottage or shack-type houses (bungalows), and lacked a sewer system. The area has developed since the early 21st century, with new dwellings rising on almost every block.

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