What’s The Best Way To Sell My Car?

I’ve been buying and selling cars for a little over 20 years now; basically ever since I bought my own car. And each time I sold my car, I always prioritized what has been important to me.

I work; meaning I work a lot. So I don’t always want to invest the little free time I have in trying to squeeze out a few hundred dollars out of a car that I could make working at my job site. If I want to make so much extra money, I’ll just work more; I’ll make more money. And my vehicles are always insured, so I’ll save money on insurance.

You see selling a car on a website like Craigslist, for instance, you’ll have to write ad copy, post up images, then find the time out of your busy schedule to make an appointment and have some one test drive the vehicle, check the oil, probably drive it to their mechanic, and possibly still not purchase your vehicle. If you’re making even $10 an hour and time and a half at $15 an hour for overtime, you’re probably looking at spending $75 per call. If you have to take 10 calls to sell the car, you just put in an additional $750 to sell your car. So its senseless to fight over $300 more. Even if it takes you half the time, you’re just breaking even on your time alone.

For the proverbial cherry on top, it typically takes you a month to sell a car on a website like Craigslist. So you’ll also be out the $150 to whatever amount of money you’ve paid just to sell the car. So even at $150, you will have invested an $900 to sell your car… on the low end. I have relied on selling my car to a place that can offer me cash on the spot. I don’t have time to go on a iffy test drive; nor do I have time to allow you to kick my tires and ask questions you don’t even understand acting like you’re ASE certified. Tell me how much I will get, schedule a time, pay me, and take it away. I value my time too much because once its gone it will never come back.