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How to Get Cash for Your Junk Car from a Trustworthy Company

Ensure the company you choose will guarantee the price you were quoted on the phone.

Some companies will arrive at your location and not pay you the money you were initially quoted on the phone. Never settle for a cash and tax deductible amount that is less to an amount to which you originally agreed. The only time you will always face an issue like that is if you lied about the car you had. For instance, if you said that you had a non-running 2000 Nissan Maxima with all of its parts, and when the driver arrived, he only found a stripped shell of a Nissan with no parts, then you may legitimately run into that issue; for junk cars are sold for their weight. If the car has no parts, then it will weigh significantly less than a car with parts. Otherwise, you should always get paid what you were promised.

Ensure the company you choose has an insurance policy.

In the unlikely event that a tow truck driver damages a fence or another part of your house, who’s going to pay for it? A company that is going to remove a vehicle from your property should have insurance that can cover any unforeseen damages that may occur during the removal process. At Carmula, we keep a $500,000 active on-hook insurance policy to cover any unlikely damages that occur.

Ensure the company’s drivers are DMV licensed commercial drivers.

If a driver is certified by the state, there is going to be a lesser chance that an accident is going to occur. Drivers should have the experience and expertise to operate the commercial vehicles that are used to remove your junk car. All our drivers are DMV licensed commercial drivers with a lengthy track record of operating tow-trucks and removal machinery to successfully remove scrap cars from any location.

Ensure the company’s not a fly-by-night company.

Some people perform this work without an established company or reputation in their area to remove vehicles effectively and pay people the money they were promised. We have been serving the New York City Tri-State Area since 1996. Our advantage is that we know how to dispose your car in a legal and efficient manner, causing less headaches for you.

Ensure the company has a lot to keep your vehicle.

If a company doesn’t have a place to put your car after they pick up, you could be liable to pay for any parking tickets if it is illegally stored. This is something for which no person should worry after they have junked their car. The company you choose should have space over which it has control, to store your vehicle after it is removed and while it waits to be shredded. We have been operating out of a 12,000 ft facility since 1996. We process all the paper work through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to transfer ownership and ensure that we are legally storing your junk car.

How to Junk a Car Without a Title

Do you have a junk car that you want removed, but you don’t have the title? Although other companies may say you can’t junk that vehicle, our specialists can have your car removed legally without the title document.

If you have the car’s registration and your driver’s license, we could still legally remove the junk car and pay you cash on the spot. Is producing the registration and license a problem? Give us a call or leave your contact information, and our vehicle experts, who are well versed in New York DMV regulations and policies, will find a way to have your scrap car removed. We look forward to your call.

Carmula Review: What Our Customers Say About our Cash for Cars Service

We blanket our customers with kindness. Aside from the fact that we have some of the most highly skilled and most experienced drivers in the towing industry, we treat each customer as if we were dealing with family. People of all walks of life demand and deserve respect. We incorporate that thinking into every exchange with our customers, so we could quickly and efficiently remove their vehicles and pay them on the spot, hassle and worry free.

Here’s what some of our customers have had to say:

Cash for Cars of Queens
“You guys were quick and easy and no mess. Very happy.”
– Alicia from Elmont, NY

“I’ve been working with TJ for years, and I always call him every time I’ve got cars.”
-Muhammad, Springfield Gardens, NY

“These guys gave me the money they offered me and picked up my flooded Altima the same evening I called”
-Hector, Howard Beach, NY

I had my 93 mercury sable picked up by the team at carmula , and i would like to say that the service provided by them was amazing, not only did they give me top dollar for my car, but they also helped me remove my plates and push the car out of the yard. I would definetly use them again in the near future.

-Mike Malave, Howard Beach, NY

Would you like to receive cash for your junk vehicle while being treated like a star? Call us or leave your contact information now. Even during the snow storm, we are still picking up cars in as little as two hours.

How to Get Cash for Your Junk Car in the NYC Winter Storm

Although there is an official winter storm warning for New York City and the Southern New York State, we are still removing junk vehicles and paying you cash on the spot. We are loyal to the residents of the New York City regardless of the weather. The snow storm is dropping sleet over New York right now. And the temperatures are a few points over freezing. The storm is weak for now, as the temperature is high (relatively speaking) and sleet is falling that may make it easier for shoveling. However, major news outlets report that snow will start to fall some time between 4 pm EST and midnight. Another two to four inches is expected to height that already fell. Fourteen inches are expected to fall in all.

Nonetheless, just as snow plows are clearing a way for drivers and commuters in Manhattan and the rest of the boroughs, we are on call all throughout the day removing cars for people in need. If you are enjoying a day off of work, due to the storm, and you can finally make time to remove that junk vehicle you’ve been aiming to junk, don’t hesitate to call us or send us your contact information, so we could pick your junk car up in as little as two hours time.