How to Sell Your Car Fast

When selling a used car quickly, you have several options from which to choose. You could always tape a “For Sale” sign on the rear window and drive it around until someone gets a ticket driving while texting when they attempted to call you. eBay and Craigslist are among a countless number of websites where you could post images and a description of the vehicle you want to sell. However, you’re going to spend the time to post images of the car and write a description of the features and vehicle history. Then you have to take calls from people who aren’t sure if they want it. Then you have to go on test drives and let people who may not buy the car kick the tires and check your oil. Want to know the most time efficient way to sell your car fast? Keep reading…

If you have to sell your car under a tight deadline, you may want to consider how much time you lose from work if you invest that time in selling your car. If it takes you 20 hours to sell your car, by fixing your vehicle, then posting it online, and taking calls and visits, at $15 an hour you’ve just lost $300. Even if you’re not making $15 at your job, if you took some overtime making $10 you would make $15. So now you have to add $300 to the cost of your car. Or even if it took time away that you could have spent with your family, that’s priceless. Also if you’re paying insurance on this old vehicle, you’re leaking money there.

Call a company that buys your car without the need for any test drives or extended and, at times, unimportant research activities that simply waste your time. We’ll ask you a few questions, make you an offer, and pay you in cash, within 1 to 2 hours exactly what you were quoted over the phone. That’s it; you’re done. No risk of getting tickets, or having to pay any more insurance. We don’t kick tires; we simply pay you and tow your vehicle.