Spring Creek Park

The Spring Creek Park, found in the expansive and world renown Jamaica Bay shoreline, is famous for being part of the undeveloped nature preserve. The sweeping nature preserve comprising both of land and wetlands, marsh and forests, covers about 20 square miles of area, between Brooklyn and Queens in New York City.

The park divides into three major parts, as shown at the Spring Creek Park Wikipedia page. They include; the Spring Creek North, the Spring Creek South, and the Gateway Center Park. The park falls under two jurisdictions, the National Park Service and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

Recreation centers

Spring Creek Park is famous for its incredible recreation facilities, attracting many visitors all year round. There are various recreation facilities located in the park. The recreation facility offers camping facilities, lodges, nature walks, sightseeing, and hiking to the thousands of visitors who frequent the park.

Animals at the park

As part of the undeveloped nature preserve, the Spring Creek Park is also renown as home to various birds’ species. Some birds have made the center a permanent home, while some migratory birds frequent the center occasionally when traveling to other areas throughout the year. Information provided for at the New York City Park highlights some of the most common bird species found at the park, including herons, pheasants, egrets, and mallards.

The park is also home to some wild animals including raccoons, deer, and muskrats which roam freely in the park. The park’s habitat is conducive enough to support the various types of bird species, and wildlife found at the center.

The Wrap-Up

Nature lovers will be intrigued by a visit to the park, that offers an authentic view of nature at its best. The recreational facilities available at the park precincts provide visitors an excellent exclusive opportunity to explore nature.

After you soak up everything nature shows you at Spring Creek, come check out the biggest park in Queens, Flushing Meadows Park.

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