Lenny’s Clam Bar and Italian Restaurant: The Ultimate Seafood Dining Hub

Just like any other family restaurant business, Lenny’s Clam Bar and Italian Restaurant continues to use the finest ingredients, the best recipes, and the same values it was founded on, albeit with a creative and sophisticated contemporary twist.

On Cross Bay Boulevard, Howard Beach proudly sits your favorite celebrities’ favorite Italian cuisine hub in New York City. Just like fine wine, Lenny’s Clam Bar and Italian restaurant seems to be getting better with age, offering the best seafood around Howard Beach. For 45 years and counting, patrons have been flocking Lenny’s to have a bite of their fried calamari, baked stuffed clams, and steamed conch. Lenny’s has attracted celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Selina Gomez, Jackie Mason, and Frank Sinatra who fell in love with Lenny’s Raw Bar selections.

A generation of perfection

Lenny’s Clam Bar current owner, Joe DeCandia, continues Lenny’s second generation of hospitality and seafood perfection in Howard Beach. Boasting of fresh ingredients and a warm welcome, Lenny’s is certainly a no-brainer for anyone who wants the perfect seafood experience.

Lenny’s Clam Bar was started in 1974 by industrious and entrepreneurial Joseph DeCandia. Forty-five years later, Joseph’s medium-hot sauce is still one of the most popular menu items at Lenny’s. The founder’s favorite tagline, “Ask for Joe and get a free glass of wine at the house” is still as famous now as it was then.

A Vast Array of Dining Options

This is where it gets sweeter. The food at Lenny’s is always great. You’ll be spoilt for choice. Every item on their ornate menu is undoubtedly going to please any guest’s palate. Their menu features the best seafood, unique Italian cuisines, barbecue, buffet, straight-from-the-grill delicacies, and three party menus. Lenny’s special bar and lounge, open from mid-morning to the wee hours, has a friendly and accommodating ambiance and features the finest liquor and wine selection offering patrons the perfect bar experience.

Travelers’ choice

Lenny’s Clam Bar and Italian Restaurant is a travelers’ favorite. The restaurant has 106 excellent reviews and 47 good reviews on TripAdvisor. One happy customer says, “Lenny’s simply has great fresh seafood, with a huge menu of choices.”

“The service was excellent, and the food was fresh,” another satisfied customer talks about the experience of dining at Lenny’s.

What’s more, there’s a celebrity wall of fame with photos of all famous people who have dined at Lenny’s. You get to eat your seafood delicacy where Arnold Schwarzenegger also had his. Maybe he can decide to swagger in, for old times’ sake. Remember Angel and John Gotti? The famous mobsters? They also met at Lenny’s, which was Gotti’s favorite hangout.

It’s not been all rosy for Lenny’s

On the flip side, Lenny’s story has not been all that rosy. In October 2012, one of the worst vagaries of nature ever in Howard Beach struck Lenny’s; Hurricane Sandy. Lenny’s lost a lot of equipment and five weeks of business when it was shut down. Joe DeCandia could not afford to wait for a loan to get the restaurant up and running, so he had to dig deeper into his pocket. Most businesses that had been hit by the hurricane closed shop, but Lenny’s stood the test.

Lenny’s is a fantastic place to visit for the best seafood and Italian cuisine. And while at it, don’t forget to ask for Joe and get a free glass of wine.

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