Should I Sell My Car For Parts?

sell car for parts

Should I Sell My Car For Parts?

Your car has deteriorated, and you think that it is time to sell it and get a new one. However, getting rid of your old car is not as easy as most people think. The process gets even tougher if you believe that the vehicle no longer holds any transportation value or needs significant repairs. So whether your car came to its demise because of an accident or you drove it too far, you need to find a convenient way to sell it. You, therefore, may want to know whether it will be more profitable to sell the parts or sell the entire car. This article might offer some much-needed insight on the issue.

Should I Sell The Parts?

The choice on whether to sell the car parts or the entire car all comes down to math and some common sense. If you have had your car for a while, you may feel that you need to do everything you can to keep it longer. Most owners will choose to fix it. That may end up being unnecessarily expensive.

Price Both Out

You must choose how much it will cost you to sell the car parts and to sell the entire car to a junk car dealer. The truth is, selling the car’s components will take longer, although you could probably make more money. However, you may lose the money you could make at your job or doing something else by wasting your time selling parts.

It is often difficult to find a person who will buy all the parts at once. So it will take time finding individuals to purchase each part. There is also no guarantee that you will sell every piece.


Always think about you and your loved ones’ safety first. It is not advised that you work on your car alone. There are belts, fluids, sharp edges, and mechanical parts to consider. If you don’t handle these components well, they could cause serious injury, which is not worth it. If you are guessing and do not have the needed tools for the job, it is better that you choose to sell the car to a junk vehicle buyer.


In the world today, time is money. You, therefore, need to save as much on it doing constructive activities. That said, ensure that you choose the method that will save you as much time as possible. The basic knowledge of parts is not enough when you need to separate every part. Without this familiarity, it will take longer because you will have to take time to research. The tasks may get even more complicated.

There Is a Huge Mess

A mechanic is already used to the mess that is involved in taking apart the car, and you are not. If you are not ready to be completely covered in grease, this is not something you should consider. Whatever shape your car is in, a junk car dealer can remove it and exchange it for cash. Junking your car quickly will save you a great deal of time and money. You will not have to spend longer than necessary, trying to find people to buy the parts.